※ Stork Tajima and Sea of ​​Takeda Castle Photo Gallery ※


The shooting of storks and sea of clouds shooting of Takeda Castle Ruins Tajima, of Wadayama (13 September) the other day
I went. This coverage travelogue, nice meeting so was the full album
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伊根の舟屋のブルーモーメント Photo By HomiSiratori
伊根の舟屋のブルーモーメント Photo By HomiSiratori


★ 2014、6月の伊根の舟屋 ★


Maizuru, Amanohashidate direction was not the opportunity to go hard I wanted to interview, this time, I went to shoot with grim determination. Rain or falling, there was a lot of things that day, but was able to catch a lot of very nice meeting.
"Amanohashidate, Funaya digest", please see.



Sentence-structure and photo by   ToshihiroMiura